All the business of Legal Entities of Public Law, Legal Entities of Private Law, Local Authorities and other organizations, as well as financial news information are provided every day on all the auctions that are proclaimed:

•    Construction projects and construction plans/designs
Electrical-mechanical engineering projects, Mixed projects, Hydraulic Projects, Ports, Roads and Building projects,

•    Supplies
Consumables, Office Equipment, Hospital Equipment, Cleaning Supplies
Clothing, Shoe-wear, Electronic Equipment, Air-conditioning, Property, Methodological Equipment, Building Supplies, Vehicle Spare Parts, Food supplies, Stationary, Chemical Pharmaceutics

•    Sales
Auctions of properties and goods proclaimed by State Banks and Private Banks

•    Auctions
Property auctions proclaimed by Institutions, Expiring Heritages, Public Pay Offices, Tax Offices, Local Authorities, etc.

•    Leases
Auctions for Property Lease by Organisations, Public Services, Non-Profit Institutions

•    Contractors
Insurances, Advertisements, Installations Maintenance and Repairs, Cleaning, Seminars, Special Programs, Vehicle Rent, Transports

•    Financial News
Financial News and Analyses from Greece and all around the world