‘Auction News’


‘Auction News’ is a daily, morning, financial newspaper whose printed version is published in tabloid size. It holds an unprecedented record as a newspaper that has been published continuously since 1929 on a daily basis. In 1988 it was awarded by EDIPT for its continuous publication for 58 years.

The historical first issue of the newspaper was dated April 11, 1929.


‘Auction News’ is steeped in tradition and high status . The first financial Auctions Newspaper is available online since 1995. In 1929, founder Ioannis Lefkofrydis, given the conditions of these years and the period, dared to publish a newspaper with auctions of the public sector, without a previous case of a similar newspaper. ‘ Auction News’ was characterised by its originality at the time of its foundation. It constitutes a point of reference in the history of press for publishing all the auctions of the public sector for supplies, construction projects, project design and planning, contractors, as well as financial news and information. In the first April 11, 1929 issue, there is a statement of the mission of the paper and a description of the reasons that necessitated its foundation. It is interesting how in a few lines, the social conditions and the special characteristics of the period are illustrated. » The total lack of a similar paper indicated to us the necessity of publishing the present paper under the title ‘Auction News’. Its goal is to protect the interests of contractors and suppliers in general, by keeping them informed about all the occurring auctions. It is well known how most of the auctions are being published and conducted, doing favor to the interests of a minority of people. Hence our mission is to strictly censor any illegal or scandalous activity. Additionally, our goal is to protect the mortgage debtors whose interests are exempt since the auction of their property is not published in any newspaper. This results in a lack of incoming bidders at the day of the auction, and enables several lenders to make illicit profit by offering the minimum amount of money for the value of the properties. Thus they are becoming the properties’ occupiers by demolishing financially the unfairly treated, mortgage-debtors.» Objective All the business of Legal Entities of Public Law, Legal Entities of Private Law, Local Authorities and other organizations, as well as financial news information are provided every day on all the auctions that are proclaimed: •  Construction projects and construction plans/designs Electrical-mechanical engineering projects, Mixed projects, Hydraulic Projects, Ports, Roads and Building projects, •  Supplies Consumables, Office Equipment, Hospital Equipment, Cleaning Supplies Clothing , Shoe-wear , Electronic Equipment, Air-conditioning, Property, Methodological Equipment, Building Supplies, Vehicle Spare Parts, Food supplies, Stationary, Chemical Pharmaceutics •  Sales Auctions of properties and goods proclaimed by State Banks and Private Banks •  Auctions Property auctions proclaimed by Institutions, Expiring Heritages , Public Pay Offices, Tax Offices, Local Authorities, etc. •  Leases Auctions for Property Lease by Organisations, Public Services, Non-Profit Institutions •  Contractors Insurances, Advertisements, Installations Maintenance and Repairs, Cleaning, Seminars , Special Programs , Vehicle Rent, Transports •  Financial News Financial News and Analyses from Greece and all around the world Readers Given the continuous everyday presence of the paper since 1929, our readers (Organizations, Public Enterprises of Common Benefit, Public and Private Companies, Military Services, Contractors, Public Sector Suppliers of all kind, Project Design Offices, Property owners , Banks , Businessmen , Professionals of several specializations) offer us the first position in terms of circulation and preference.